Induction Innovations Essential Coil Kit

   Part Number: IDIMD99-660 Key Features. Includes 8 of the most used smaller diameter coils of varying lengths for removing stuck fasteners. Faster and safer than a torch. The coils each last for several hundred uses or more subject to use. Use of the proper size coil, avoiding abrasion and overheating prevents premature wear to the coil. The coil insulation is coated to resist abrasion; however, if insulation is breached a new coil will need to be used. The coils are all flexible and can be bent or separated for a variety of applications. Around corners or buried deep near plastic ...

Induction Innovations Mini Ductor Coil Kit Bolt On 8 Interchangeable Fasteners

Induction Innovations Mini Ductor Coil Kit Bolt On 8 Interchangeable Fasteners. Coils heat fasteners up to 1 1/2 in dia. & Are a variety of lengths from 4 10. Customer Service is our #1 Priority. If there is an issue with your order, please understand we are human and we do make mistakes. Please understand this is out of our control.   

Induction Innovations Md99-650 Mini-ductor Coil Kit

   The Mini-Ductor Coil Kit includes 8 different coils, 7 different sizes for most jobs mechanics run into. Heat and expand frozen, rusted, or thread-lock compound nuts with out the collateral damage from a flame. Uses high frequency magnetic fields to heat metal and only metal, induction heat. Operates on 120 volts/1000 watts of power. Faster and Safer than a torch. Loosen seized hardware, bearings, gears, pulleys, lug nuts, inline applications, fuel tank straps, pdr applications (paintless dent repair), O2 sensors, and much more! Includes: 1(MD99-607)-1¾ I. Preformed Coil L 7½ x I. ...