Electronic Conversion Kit Fiat 1939-55 Topolino 4cly & Coil Marelli Ignition

The Fiat 500, commonly known as "Topolino", is an Italian city car produced and manufactured by Fiat from 1936 to 1955. New electronic conversion kits to change any distributor from Points to electronic ignition.   

Land Rover Electronic Distributor With Accuspark Red Sports Coil Lucas 45d Type

If fitted to a ballast ignition the resister or ballast wire must be bypassed, this can be done by taking a 12 Volt feed direct from the fuse box. Suitable All Land Rover Series II and III 2. 25 and 2.5 Petrol.   

Complete Electronic Ignition 12v K1f K2f Magneto Replacement Body Coil Ignition

   NEW WASSELL MAGNETO REPLACEMENT K1F K2F ELECTRONIC IGNITION SYSTEM-made in europe. This is a new listing of a Wassell 12V K1F/K2F Magneto Replacement Ignition System made in Europe-for use with singles or twins requiring the aforementioned magnetos especially for fitting electronic ignition to pre unit models. Includes Wassell 12V Ignition Kit, European manufactured exclusively for Wassell using premium quality components, with a unique billet stator plate design (CNC manufactured stator/trigger). The stator plates have all component parts fully encapsulated in resin to avoid these ...