Land Rover Electronic Distributor With Accuspark Red Sports Coil Lucas 45d Type

If fitted to a ballast ignition the resister or ballast wire must be bypassed, this can be done by taking a 12 Volt feed direct from the fuse box. Suitable All Land Rover Series II and III 2. 25 and 2.5 Petrol.   

Bsa / Triumph Singles Distributor Digital Ignition Boyer Bransden With Coil

Boyer Bransden Micro Digital Electronic Ignition for Triumph and BSA Unit Singles with 12 Volt positive earth electrics and'distributor' type ignition system. It is supplied with a special digital coil, HT lead and the correct spark plug cap (5000 OHM).   

Electronic Ignition Kit + Cap & Rotor + Coil For Volvo 1800 Distributor 1962-68

   This listing is for 1 distributor cap, 1 Rotor Arm, 1 Electronic conversion kit & Genuine Bosch coil for Volvo 1800 CAST IRON distributors with 2 piece points. New electronic conversion kits to change any distributor from Points to electronic ignition. Our easy to fit kits take just 5 minutes to fit. Improved Fuel economy and starting. Please make sure coil is 1.5 to 3 ohms. Make sure + side of coil is Live. Connect the Red wire to the + side. And the Black to the - side of the coil. Our Ultra Spark ignition has automatic Dwell control. Electronic Ignition Kit replaces ...

Kit 00261boyer Bransden Digital Ignition Bsa Triumph Singles Distributor + Coil

   Boyer Bransden Micro Digital Electronic Ignition for Triumph and BSA Unit Singles with 12 Volt positive earth electrics and'distributor' type ignition system. This is a microprocessor controlled electronic ignition system, manufactured by Boyer Bransden, for the BSA and Triumph Unit Singles, with the distributor type points. This will replace your existing points, condenser, and mechanical advance mechanism with an electronic pick-up, and a box to handle the processing and advance. To use this you will require an existing good 12V 5A power supply. It is supplied with a special digital...

Coil On Plug Adaptor Plate & B18 Gsr Type-r Distributor Cap Kit, Honda B-series

   COIL ON PLUG ADAPTOR & B18 GSR TYPE-R DISTRIBUTOR CAP DELETE KIT SUITS HONDA B-SERIES. Brand New Takashi Coil On Plug Adaptor Plate & B18 GSR Type-R Distributor Cap Kit, Honda B-Series. Precision machined black anodised billet aluminium. Suits Honda B-Series VTEC engines. Coil adaptor plate enables fitment of K-Series ignition coils onto B-Series VTEC engines. Kit includes distributor cap delete. Leave performance issues behind and upgrade to more reliable Coil On Plug ignition. Note: this listing is for the plate and cover only. This item is in the category "Vehicle Parts &...

Ford Essex V6 Electronic Distributor With Viper Coil And Red Leads

   Essex V6 Electronic Distributor Coil Red Leads Notice The Difference As Soon As You Turn The Key! Suitable For: All vehicles in compatibility list. This bundle deal includes a replacement distributor, which comes complete with rotor arm and distributor cap and is fitted with our Powerspark® electronic ignition module developed to replace the troublesome points system with a modern magnetic pick-up, giving you a more reliable and effective ignition system. Simple two wire connection to the ignition coil can be installed within minutes by a beginner and once fitted the new reproduction ...

Holden Electronic Distributor 138 149 161 179 186 202 With Coil

(READY -2-RUN) DISTRIBUTOR with coil. OUR DISTRIBUTOR IS A MUST FOR THOSE WISHING TO UPGRADE THE IGNITION SYSTEM FROM POINTS, OR THE POORLY DESIGNED ELECTRONIC IGNITION THAT HOLDEN CAME OUT WITH AROUND 1974. THIS IS A TWO WIRE DISTRIBUTOR. THIS DISTRIBUTOR WORKS IN ALL CABURATED RED, BLUE AND BLACK ENGINES (WILL NOT WORK ON GREY MOTORS). A Electronic Coil must be used with the distributor. This Distributor is a Australian Bosch Re-Production item, all Bosch Replacment parts will interchange. Also please choose your preference on your Distributor Cap and Colour Type at no extra cost!!...

Classic Mini 59d A+ Electronic Accuspark Distributor Pack. Fast Road Plugs

   Suitable all Classic Mini A+ engines 1980 on Comes Non Ballast coil : As standard cars after 1982 would have a Ballast coil Ignition service pack. Our Brand new 59D vacuum electronic Distributor. One set of 5 Accuspark 8. 4 AccuSpark triple ground copper core Titanium coated Plugs, standard heat range AC7C - COLD PLUGS IDEAL FOR SPIRITED DRIVING 1 genuine AccuSpark Red Rotor. 1 AccuSpark RED SPORTS COIL - 3 Ohm Coil 12 Volt Non Ballast. Accu SparkT Distributor comes ready fitted with the AccuSpark electronic ignition module. This is a quality item and we have fitted dozens of units in ...

Accuspark Distributor And Coil

For a classic mini Engine recently bought new but decided to go with something different complete with instructions. This item is in the category "Vehicle Parts & Accessories\Car Parts & Accessories\Ignition Systems & Components\Ignition Kits". The seller is "mimimandeadeye" and is located in this country: GB. This item can be shipped to United Kingdom. Brand: AccuSpark Type: Ignition Kit